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David Bowman, M.D. and
Keisha Bowman, MPH, NBC-HWC

Dr. David Bowman is board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine and Pediatrics and is pursuing his Master's in Nutrition at Howard University. Through his own weight loss and health transformation journey, Dr. Bowman has a passion for empowering patients, families, and health care providers with practical tips about the impact that diet, physical activity, spirituality and stress management has on the body and to a person’s overall health status. Discovering that foods that can impact health as much as medications (with positive side effects as opposed to negative ones) revolutionized his approach to health care. See more details of his health journey below. 

Dr. Bowman is a native of Indianapolis and is a graduate of Howard University (chemical engineering) and Indiana University for medical school. His early career was focused on global health and pediatric HIV. He is currently a pediatrician at Howard University, and has shifted his career to focus on the power of food as medicine for people of all ages.

Dr. Bowman is married to Keisha Bowman, a board certified health and wellness coach and public health professional, and together they run and manage Lifestyle Med Revolution. They live in Prince George's County, Maryland, in a blended family with their 11 year old daughter. 

Keisha (Sumner) Bowman, a native of New York, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Howard University in 1998. She spent over 13 years in corporate America as an IT Consultant for some of the top and mid-tiered consulting firms in the world. Although this may have sounded like a great life on the outside, Keisha found herself completely unfulfilled in her career. It wasn’t until 2008 when she discovered her love for health and wellness especially for black women’s health and online marketing that she found out how she could impact the world and better people’s lives. 


Keisha went on to earn a certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and became Zumba certified in 2012. With these tools and armed with a health-focused direct sales company, Keisha helped changed the lives of men and women through amazing nutritional’s and exercise.

In 2013, life changed for Keisha as she found herself laid off from her full-time job and not yet ready to become a full-time health coach. After much soul searching, Keisha was led to pursue a medical degree and thus the journey began!

In pursuit of her dream to become a medical doctor and further change the lives of women, Keisha earned a master’s in public health from Hofstra University, became an advanced EMT-CC (critical care), further her education in health and wellness coaching through Precision Nutrition and currently works as a clinical research coordinator dedicated to women’s health and other health solutions in research. 


Keisha is now a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach having obtained her designation in December 2023 and a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Keisha is a bonus mom to an amazing daughter and raising her as part of a blended family in Maryland.


Her motto is to “Live thankfully, love powerfully and thrive exponentially!” She is excited to share and inspire others on how they too can do the same.


It was 2013 and I took the photo in the blue shirt, and I saw that my waistline had expanded big time. I knew based on my family history, that I was headed towards being obese and having lots of health problems...if I didn't change my lifestyle. There was nothing WRONG with my fried chicken, pizza, and just led to an outcome that I didn't like. And it wasn't just the was with my health. My asthma was getting worse, my allergies acting up all the time, and I was so constipated despite laxatives and stool softeners that I had anal fissures and an anal fistula. I needed to have surgery! I mean, if I had two bowel movements A WEEK without needing any laxatives or enemas, that was a good week! I had reflux and frequent abdominal pain. I even missed a plane connection for a job interview because I was in the bathroom so long! In addition, I had backaches and foot pain, and used to get really tired after eating. 


My church and a friend's group were both sponsoring a "Daniel Fast", so I did it for spiritual purposes. A Daniel Fast is a 21 day spiritual fast based on the Old Testament prophet, who essentially did no meats and no "choice foods" (Daniel 10:2-3). The contemporary way to do it is with the lifestyle changes of (1) no animal products, including poultry, seafood, dairy and eggs; (2) no added sweeteners such as sugar, corn syrup, etc.; and (3) no processed foods like white rice, white breads and pastas, no caffeine, and no artificial preservatives and colorings. It was HARD...I didn't look up any recipes, I just did what I knew to do, which was black rice, black beans and mixed vegetables. After 5 days in a row of this, I was frustrated! I was reminded that this was a spiritual fast, not a lifestyle change, My prior work of global health led me to see people who died of malnutrition. I thought, there are some people - probably a BILLION people - who would be ecstatic to have 5 days in a row of FOOD, period, not to mention healthy food! I prayed for God to forgive me for being ungrateful that I had food to eat, and for spiritual strength to continue the fast.


By the end of the fast, not only had I grown spiritually, I SHRUNK physically, by 11 pounds! (Most of that was probably because I was so full of...stool). In addition, my back pain got better, my foot pain got better, and I couldn't believe I was able to have soft and easy-to-pass stool. I guess I had gotten used to constipation. The abnormal had become my normal. After the fast, I decided to incorporate more whole plants and less animal products and refined carbs, and my weight and my cholesterol continued to plummet. And I just FELT better, no need for all those medications for my stomach. I lost 6 inches on my pants' waist size! Eventually I changed my perspective on health, and I now eat to keep my cholesterol low, my stools soft, and my weight under control. Not to mention, I eat to boost my immune system and reduce my inflammation - both of which would be helpful if I contracted COVID. And I love how much better I feel, and I love how my medical conditions all got better without medications! 

I then said to myself, if this helped ME, it could help my family, my friends, my patients...heck anyone, really! I then sought to Transform Black Health, using Lifestyle Medicine. 

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Dr. Bowman's Story

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