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Our Philosophy

Lifestyle Med Revolution seeks to revolutionize your health through nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, group support and more! This approach is based on the tenets of the field of Lifestyle Medicine, but additionally focuses on spirituality as a source of strength to deal with lifestyle changes. Several key perspectives make Lifestyle Med Revolution a unique approach to deal with health:

  • Most chronic diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, many cancers, arthritis, constipation, reflux and the like) have similar underlying causes. These causes are often related to our lifestyle, and thus the right lifestyle changes can prevent, treat, and often REVERSE these health conditions.

    • When we consume any food (and when we stress our bodies mentally or physically), we create what's called oxidation and free radicals. Some foods create this more than others. 

    • Our bodies have healing mechanisms called antioxidants to deal with this, but when we create more oxidation than our body's ability to deal with this, we set ourselves up to have 'oxidative stress'.

    • Eating whole plant foods (some foods more than others) will provide antioxidants, and dealing with psychological stress constructively will reduce oxidation. Physical activity also helps tremendously. Therefore, eating whole plant foods, exercising, and preventing (or constructively dealing with) stress will help us win the battle against oxidative stress. 

    • Our bodies will then begin to heal themselves, when we give them what they need to heal.​


  • At Lifestyle Med Revolution, one of the underlying themes is that we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14) at our core. However, we often don't give our bodies what they need to heal, repair, and fight off infections and diseases. In fact, we often accelerate the disease process with what we eat and the other toxic substances we consume.

  • Lifestyle changes are often difficult to start and maintain. In order to do this, we believe we need to "be transformed by the renewing of our mind" (Romans 12:2) towards nutrition, exercise, and dealing with life's stressors. We could stand to benefit from using spiritual strength and to deal with the changes. 

    • Additionally, it is even more difficult to start and maintain lifestyle changes when you are (or feel like you are) the only person doing it. We therefore bring like-minded individuals together to support each other in this journey.

Therefore, we approach health differently. Our bodies may be under attack, but it's often self-induced injury by what we eat, and drink, how physically active we are, the amount and quality of sleep we get, and whether/how we choose to relieve our stress. So we focus on getting those parts right! That leads to REVOLUTIONIZING your health! 

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