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The Daniel Fast is a spiritual fast that incorporates a lifestyle change (restricting certain foods, not the timing of eating those foods). Its origins come from the Old Testament prophet, Daniel, who underwent a 21 day fast from meat and pleasant foods (Daniel 10:2-3). 


For the spiritual part of the fast, some people choose to focus on prayer and meditation, or other things like focusing on positivity, not procrastinating, not complaining, gratitude or other spiritual/psychological goals. 

One particular thing you could consider fasting about is...

whether there is an area of you life, that if you had a significant improvement, a transformation, or a REVOLUTION in that area, your life would be tremendously better. That may be something you choose to focus on in the fast! 

Check out the video below for more details about the Daniel Fast!

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SEPT 30, 2022

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Daniel Fast FAQ

  • If I am ready to join the fast, how do I start?

Go to our Linktree and get started with filling out the forms:


  • What is the schedule for the fast? 

The schedule of events will be posted soon. Highly recommended to do one of the two introductions to learn more and ask questions about preparing for the fast.


  • What are some benefits that others have gotten from doing the fast?

Here are some comments from people who have done the fast with us in 2022:

--- "I have a clear mind, working out 3-5 times a week, more energy, less joint pain. Before, I struggled with IBS and now I use the bathroom 3-4 times a day and they are nice and smooth!"

--- "Huge energy improvement, GERD issues lessened, back pain lessened. I can bend down to pick things up quicker & with less hurting."

--- "I loved the group support. I enjoyed prayer & scripture sharing, praise reports, prayer requests so we could pray for one ano. Thoughtful & insightful advice from the facilitators of the group. Watching movies together & other activities presented."

---"I changed my entire outlook during the fast. At first, I wasn’t sure that only eating plant-based would be fulfilling or something I could adhere to. But, over the last three weeks, I have shifted my focus from eating for pleasure to eating for purpose."​​


  • What should I do BEFORE I start the fast?

    A couple of things!
    First, check with your health provider before starting the fast, particularly if you have chronic health conditions, ESPECIALLY if you're on medications, about the benefits and drawbacks of this type of dietary change. If you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar, both may improve (drop) while doing the fast. It is possible that they may drop TOO LOW while on the fast and while on medications. One person had lightheadedness and checked their blood pressure and it was 95/60 and had to come off medications while on the fast. (Of course, coming off meds could be considered a GREAT thing). If you have kidney problems, that definitely needs to be discussed with your doctor before starting on the fast. 

Second, because we are fasting from caffeine, you may want to slowly decrease your intake before the fast starts, to avoid the sudden withdrawal symptoms - namely, fatigue and headache. The main reason that most of us do caffeine is to be more alert;  essentially, we use caffeine to treat our sleep deprivation. So it will be very important to PLAN to get sleep throughout the fast!

Third, check your fridge and finish off foods that are not allowed on the fast. You may consider freezing some foods. 
Fourth, if you live with others, let them know that you're doing the fast and ask for their support. Of course, it would be easiest if they join the fast and you could support each other. But if they don't join, ask them to not bring foods that might be tempting into the house. 

Fifth, check your blood pressure and document it to see how it changes. Check your weight and document it. Additionally, since we  are looking to transform your health, take a full-body photo so that we can do a before-after comparison. ​

Sixth, set yourself up to succeed. Plan out what you will do for your meals and snacks. Check out recipes that you may like, and think about what you'll eat and drink.

Seventh, fill out the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire and the Medical Liability Waiver below and send to

  • What should I expect during the first few days?

Many people who "depend" on caffeine may be tired or have headaches when they give it up. It is essential to get sleep as much as possible. You may also have a feeling of, "so, what CAN I eat?" You'll begin to notice how many foods have added sugars and preservatives, because you'll be looking at labels a lot more. Within a few days (for some people, right away; for others, it may be in 3-4 days), you may notice an increase in energy, an improvement in the ease of your bowel movements, and your joints may start to feel better. 

  • What should I do if I eat or drink something that we are fasting from? 

Don't beat yourself up. Dust yourself off and get back on the fast. Forgive yourself. Figure out why it happened and try to take steps to get back on the fast. 

  • What should I do when I'm tempted to eat or drink something that is not allowed on the fast?

Pray! Pray for strength to resist. Quote a scripture, like "Resist the devil and he will flee" or "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". 

  • Are there any supplements I should take while on the fast? 

Vitamin B12 supplements are STRONGLY recommended, and Vitamin D is also recommended. ​

  • Where do you get your protein during the fast, as this is essentially whole food, plant-based nutrition? Doesn't my body NEED animal products to get more protein?

Most Americans get way more protein than they need! If you think about it, cows don't eat chicken to get THEIR protein, and chicken don't eat seafood to get protein for themselves. They eat PLANTS! You can get protein from legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils and soy), whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as vegetables. As long as you get a balance of those foods, and include several servings of them a day, you'll be fine. You can definitely build muscle and exercise on a plant-based diet. Check out the documentary, The Game Changers ( for more on plant-based athletes. Note: There isn't much protein in fruit. 

  • Do you recommend any website for recipes and what foods I should avoid?

Yes, the "Ultimate Daniel Fast" website has food lists and recipes that are all Daniel fast-approved. The Forks over Knives website has a lot of recipes as well, but some may include ingredients that are not on the Daniel Fast-approved list; try to make some adjustments to those recipes to have them comply with the fast. 

  For more details about the fast, check the images below. 

To get started with the fast, go to our Linktree site:

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